You’re “shocked” that there aren’t more domestic killings on both sides? You do realize that most women who are murdered are murdered by a romantic partner, overwhelmingly male partners? And you DO realize that when a woman does actually strike out at a man, it is overwhelmingly in self-defense? You really wanna play the “both sides do it” card? As I explained elsewhere, the difference here is not is whether men or women behave badly, but whose bad behavior gets excused as just part of being their gender, and whose bad behavior is cause for immediate denial of any gender based explanation or excuse. Men who attack women are “just being a guy” while women who attack men are unholy creatures who are not really women at all. Give up? When thousands of my sisters get attacked, raped and killed and the men who do it get away with it? Nope. And the fact that you think any of us should just give up on that shows me what kind of being you are.

A believer in magic and justice and the right to be exactly as you are. Anything passing for wisdom here is likely the product of surviving my own stupidity.